Title: Remise en main(s) propre(s)

Type: Hors-les-murs

Place: Confort Mental

Year : 2019


Remise en main(s) propre(s) is an exhibition held at Confort Mental in June 2019, on the occasion of the release of 100 lamps edited by None Atelier. Each lamp should have been given personally during the vernissage, if circumstances had not delayed their delivery.

12 artists and designers was part of the event, and bring our attention the hand-delivery act.


With :

Jodie Bécard, Chloé Boulestreau, Robin Bourgeois, Elisa Florimond, Romain Guillet, Eve Lerouge, Joanna Maroko, Simon Nicaise, Talita Otovic, Noémie Pilo, Megane Remadna, Lola Ripoche.